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Thank You Letters

From Our Patients

Certainly Put a smile on my face!

Dear Warren and team,

Thank you to all the team at Greyholme for another wonderful visit.  I have followed the recommendations given to me over the years by Warren and the hygienists and am pleased to say that as a result have had very little need for treatment. 

Today I experienced a cleaning method of water with bicarbonate which had a refreshing lemon flavour.  The cleaning was quick, pain free and left me with a terrific fresh clean feel to my teeth, certainly put a smile on my face

Many thanks

Chris J

It really was pain free!

Dear Warren and team,

I would like to say a  big ‘thank you’ for the fantastic job you have done on my crown replacement.

As you are aware I am a somewhat nervous patient, exacerbated by particularly unpleasant childhood memories of dental treatment which resulted in me avoiding the dentist altogether for a number of years.  

However since coming to Greyholme I have always found yourself and your team to go out of your way to make the experience as stress free as possible for me.  In respect of the recent crown replacement,  I was so impressed that you took the time and effort to  talk me though the process and explain each step in detail coupled with follow up telephone calls from the receptionist to ensure all was okay.  Although the procedure was quite a lengthy one I can genuinely say it really was pain free!

I am thrilled with the end result, the crown fits beautifully and having shown my family and friends they can’t even tell which one the crown is !  I am also really pleased with the tooth whitening which I have recently had through Greyholme, what a great all round new look, it was 100% worth it!

Kind regards

Rachel Eyre

Huge BIG Thank You To You All!

Hi Margaret,

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you, work has been manic, that and getting old …..

I just wanted to say a Huge BIG THANK YOU to You ALL for my Birthday CARD that you sent to me.  What a lovely, lovely kind thought.

It was nice of you all to point out and remind me of the new digits in the mile stone that I just reached !!….

Just wanted to let you know that your kind thoughts were very much appreciated.

As always, thank you so very much, for all that you have done for Me and for Mum.

You are all a credit to your profession and I couldn’t have done and do it without you.


Kind Regards.


I appreciate more than you could ever guess

Dear Warren, Leanne and the “Great Team”,

A huge big thank – you to all of you, for today’s kindness.  I appreciate it more than you could ever guess and will continue to spread the word, re your wonderful practice.

With love and a million thanks.


One wrinkly old lady!

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“Warren & The Calm & Gentle Dental Team”

To Warren, Leanne, Liz and Margaret,

I just wanted to say a big Thank you for my smile.

I have always hated having my photo taken, now I have booked my partner Les and I to have a portrait done.

Over the last 6 month my confidence has grown and it is all down to you guys from getting my gums healthy, whitening treatment to the end result ‘My Smile’.  I really appreciate what you have all done especially the friendly reminders from Margaret!

Once again many many thanks.



Dear Warren, Leanne, Liz & Marg,

Thank you for making dentistry such a relaxed experience.

Your such a lovely caring team.

Warmest wishes


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Dear Warren,

A short note to thank you for looking after me so well – not just with the recent extraction (and now knowing, you don’t like doing them makes it all especially excellent!) but ever since, you inherited me as a patient.

It cannot be easy having fearful – if not to say totally paranoid – patients to deal with, and thankfully you cope with it all brilliantly.  And Leanne, Margaret and Liz don’t do badly, either!

My thanks again and best wishes.

The patient from hell.


Dear Warren and Leanne,

I would just like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for my beautiful new smile.  I have had to have crowns on my front teeth for all of my adult life and I have never had any that look and feel so realistic – until now!

I would also like to express my appreciation for all your care and consideration throughout the process.

Please send a thank you to your team in America for me.

With best wishes and many thanks.

Denise Hallows


Dear Warren,

When I came to you a few years ago, I was petrified of the dentist.  This had occurred through a very bad experience with a route canal at my old dentist.  I had refused to go to see anyone for over ten years, until I realised such action wasn’t possible in the long run.

When I rang Greyholme I explained my situation and right from the outset I was put at my ease.  I was told I could tackle my fear one step at a time.  Bit by bit I grew in confidence thanks to you and your team and slowly helping me, I started to get more and more relaxed about coming. 

All the same it was not a short haul on your part.  You encouraged me to face my phobia and to communicate with you and the girls every step of the way.  Together you built my confidence slowly and I think even you were amazed when I announced I wanted to have cosmetic dentistry.  Again however, you guided me through the procedure one step at a time and let me have my wobbles and insecurities in order for us to accomplish my goal.

To have my entire top mouth reconstructed we clocked up about enough hours to get me to Australia, but I have to say it was worth every single minute in the chair.  I have laughed so much over the time with you and Leanne, I’ve had countless questions for you both I’ve tested your patience to the maximum limit and not once did either of you do anything other than support me in my ambition to have a great smile.

I am unable to tell you the difference my smile has made to my confidence.  I swear I will have double my wrinkle quota by the end of 2009, purely because I cant stop smiling.  Whereas before I would smile with my mouth firmly shut, I am unable to close it!!!

I do have one query however.  I am not sure how I am suppose to recommend you for all the work you have carried out, because the real truth is my teeth are so natural in both texture, feel and colour, I am having problems convincing people I have had all these veneers and caps. 

The reality is the completed look is so genuine, it really is impossible to believe they are not real.  Even my family and friends are questioning which teeth I have had work done on because the whole upper mouth is so realistic to normal teeth.

Thank you for all your hard work and patience.  I am thrilled to bits with the end result.  As for going to the dentist now, I don’t have a problem.   I have gone from being terrified to happy to sit in your chair, which I can honestly say I never imagined possible.

Kind regards.

Janie Lees

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Dear Warren,

Just a quick note to thank you for doing such an amazing repair job on my tooth – or what was left of it!

I’m really so grateful for your advance ‘precision engineering’ skills, your artistry, incredible dexterity and patience and good humour over the past few weeks – and for the part played by Leanne (an Oscar for ‘best supporting role’!) too of course.

You have done a remarkable building job not only on my tooth, but also on my confidence.  Assuming though that I won’t need to return until September!!

May I take this opportunity to with you a happy Christmas, New Year, Easter and summer holiday!

Thanks and regards



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