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Looking for Clear Braces in Cheltenham?

Are You Unhappy With Your Smile?

Do You Feel Embarrassed By Your Twisted Teeth?

For anyone that has misaligned, twisted or over lapping teeth, keep reading as I have a secret for you.

You can achieve that celebrity smile in just a matter of months and all at a price you can afford.

Straight Teeth Systems At Greyholme Dental Give You The Straight Smile You Desire In A Matter Of Months!

That’s right, the smile you have always dreamed about is available in Cheltenham with our Clear Braces Systems, and you’ll be surprised, they are not as expensive as you may think!

Do You Want Clear Braces? Do You Want A Smile That Boosts Your Self Confidence? Greyholme Dental wants you to have a smile that you can be proud of.  And now with recent scientific advances within the world of clear braces we can make this possible for you!

“My Friends And Family Haven’t Even Noticed” Says Braces Patient, Claire


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We’re offering you the chance to download our free guide to straight teeth braces for busy Cheltenham people. Inside we’ll look at the types of clear braces available, the benefits of each type of brace, along with testimonials from happy patients.

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Before And After Braces

Before And After Braces

CFast Clear Braces

CFASTLOGOCfast Tooth Alignment is a simple, gentle straight teeth treatment that corrects alignment issues with your top and bottom front six teeth. It can also help to level and round out the arches of your smile, making this an excellent straight teeth solution for the majority of adult patients.

Cfast Clear Braces The Cfast system uses clear braces along with tooth-coloured wires. So, you can comfortably wear the almost Clear braces without the worry of people knowing that you are having tooth straightening treatment. The movement of your teeth is much more predicable when using Cfast and as a result the treatment can actually be much faster than other systems. As the wires are only gently applying pressure to the braces to align and straighten your teeth you will actually feel very little discomfort.

Why Cfast? The Cfast straight teeth system is a fast, effective and affordable orthodontic treatment for adults looking for a solution to live their lives with greater confidence. Cfast takes less time than conventional orthodontics because it focuses only on the front 6 teeth that most influence your smile. In addition with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Cfast is barely noticeable to others, and is only worn for a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces.

Smile Tru

smile tru straight  teeth bracesSmile Tru is a transparent straight teeth system that goes far beyond conventional braces in comfort and convenience.

One of the additional benefits of Smile Tru is that it can be used for a variety of cases depending on the on the problem you have with your teeth.

The Smile Tru product line allows the practitioner to treat more patients with transparent positioners.

Models of your teeth are digitally scanned and a 3D rotatable image of your mouth is produced. These will be used to create your own personal retainers.

A series of six retainers are initially created, and in most cases the retainers are changed every 2 weeks.

The progress can then be assessed and any adjustments to the treatment can then be made.

8 Benefits of Smile Tru

  1. Comfortable
  2. Affordable
  3. Invisible
  4. Safe
  5. Removable for eating and drinking
  6. No dietary restrictions
  7. Minimal impact on routine
  8. Digital prediction of the result

Now you can have the smile you have always wanted without anyone knowing you are in treatment.

“I Now Have The Smile I Always Wanted” Says Jane

What Next?

You don’t have to hide your smile any more! You too can have straight teeth today like the celebrities. Furthermore the braces we use are clear, so they are virtually Clear! This means that most people won’t even realise that you are wearing braces.

If you would like to know more about our range of straight teeth systems that can leave you with a fantastic new smile give us a call now or complete the form below for a Free Straight Teeth Consultation with A Smile Advisor

Discover how we can help to transform your smile!

Free Smile Audit at Greyholme

Free Smile Audit at Greyholme

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  2. Discussion around your existing challenges for your smile
  3. A brief chat around how and in what ways No Fear Dentistry can improve your life

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