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Greyholme Dental Suite Are Here For You

Greyholme Dental Suite Are Here For You

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Nervous Dental Patients Welcome

Do You Feel Anxious About Seeing Your Dentist?

If The Answer Is “Yes” Then We Can Help.

Some people are so frightened of the dentist that they avoid dental treatment altogether.

At Greyholme Dental we are sympathetic in recognising that some patients experience real anxiety, and we have developed new ‘*Pain Free’ dental techniques and approaches to help overcome your fear and feel at ease.

Try Greyholme for a relaxing, friendly, and angst-free dental experience where time is not of the essence – you are.

*Pain Free Dentistry

At Greyholme Dental Suite we call ourselves the pioneers of pain free dentistry.

We go through a 5 step process to make sure you don’t feel any injections.

  1. First off we numb the gum using a numbing gel.
  2. Then we make sure the anaesthetic is warmed to the same temperature as your body temperature.
  3. We use the finest, shortest needles possible so that you will not feel the needle.
  4. We inject very slowly into the tissues so you will not feel the anaesthetic going in.
  5. And finally we reassure and congratulate you throughout the whole process.

Great News! We’re Taking On New Patients

We’re not accepting new patients at the practice. You too could benefit from our *pain free dental treatments. We can help you overcome your fears and concerns and restore your confidence in your smile. Stress Free, Worry Free, Anxious Free Dentistry in Cheltenham.

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Which includes:

  1. A chat at our Dental surgery or at our favourite local coffee shop to determine your needs
  2. Discussion around your existing challenges for your smile
  3. A brief chat around how and in what ways No Fear Dentistry can improve your life

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